Instructions for Submitting Forms

SCAN a pdf of each document separately (not from CamScanner or other photo-type alternatives)

NAME each document in this format: Player Last Name, Player First Name- form name abbreviation (ie Smith, Johnny- Barons App)


Barrons Application

Each FAMILY must fill out a Barons Application for each calendar year.

GAPPS AES Application

All new players and players with a school change must complete this form.

Scholarship Application

Players requesting financial scholarship are to fill out this form.

Sports Physical

Players must have a physical on file dated within 12 months of season start. Only submit Clearance Form.

Barons Baseball Waiver

Returning players must complete a waiver each year. New players must complete a waiver before tryouts.

Code of Conduct

All players and their parents must agree to the Code of Conduct each year.

GAPPS Sudden Cardiac Arrest

All players and their parents complete the SCA each year.