In order to keep season fees as low as possible, each family is required to fundraise a set amount. The funds are used for field rental, acquisition of new or replacement, uniforms as needed, equipment acquisition, tournament fees, and other needs of the baseball organization and coaches. All families are required to fundraise $300.

Families who do not wish to participate in fundraising are free to donate the required amount. All donations are tax deductible, as Greater Gwinnett Christian is a 501(c)3 organization. This requirement is per family, not per player.

The following category of funds may be used only to meet your family’s fundraising requirement, due to IRS regulations. These funds may not be applied to family’s expense accounts or season fees.

Corporate Sponsorships

Letters are provided to families, upon request, to give to businesses large and small, introducing our organization and requesting sponsorships. Corporate sponsors are mentioned by name on our website and social media with more information given for larger donors.

We encourage families to raise more than the minimum requirement if they are able, as these funds allow GGC Baseball to offer even more amenities to our children.



The Hit A Thon is a pledge event in which players solicit pledges for hits. Each player is given 25 pitches and earns their pledged dollar amount per hit. Some donors pledge a flat rate as well.  We will provide each player a personalized website to send out. This will take place in the Spring.




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