“Tim Tebow Law” – what does it mean for you?

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State Bill 51- What does it mean?
The Dexter Mosley act a.k.a. State Bill 51 a.k.a. this Tim Tebow bill would allow a homeschool player to participate in sports at the public high school to which he or she is districted. The main requirement is that the student must take at least one course through the public high school. 
What does this mean for your student athlete?

Before we address that, there are some questions… 
First of all, most public schools do not know how to interpret this bill. Does the one course need to be a core course or could it be an elective? Does it need to be in person or could it be online? 
Would a student no longer be homeschooled or required to file a DOI? How does this change graduation for our kids? Are they graduating from the high school or from the home study program? Never before has a homeschool student been enrolled in a brick-and-mortar, specific public school course. They’ve historically been mutually exclusive. What institution is giving the diploma and are they required to except the complementary institutions courses?

I don’t have the answers to all these technical questions, but I bring them for your consideration. Now, let me put on my “parent” hat….

Consider some things while you’re weighing your options for academics as well as baseball. 
In some ways our program is comparable to high school athletics: we strive to be competitive and we want your son to develop as a player and a person. But the Barons have some distinguishing features you probably won’t find at public school. 

As you consider the convenience and cost of your baseball options, also consider the intangibles. Our coaches, board, and committee members execute their roles with a Christian worldview. We pray for this program and for your son. We want them to develop not only has baseball players and not only as people, but as Christians. While the young men in our program may be at different points in their journeys, the leadership and coaches in our program strive to set an example for them. Sadly, I’ve heard so many stories of coaches that set the tone for a team in an extremely immature and un-Christlike way. The nicknames, teasing, degrading, and humiliating break my heart… and this is from coaches, the grown men who will have so much of the players audience.

Lastly, carefully consider and research the promises of HS coaches. I’ve seen firsthand the overpromising of playtime, help with recruiting, and well run programs, only to end in the player being re-cast for someone else, or being a number to increase funding, or another pawn in the politics. 

Barons Baseball is proud to stand apart in our values. And we like winning State Championships, too!

For more information on SB-51 visit https://legiscan.com/GA/bill/SB51/2021