Senior Spotlight- Kenny Biegalski


Kenny played with the Barons for two years. He has always loved baseball. His position didn’t matter as long as he was on the field. He’d be in full catcher dress on 100 F days in Texas sunshine or in the outfield in freezing weather. It didn’t matter. He played. Because of his love for baseball, Kenny has always been very self-motivated and disciplined regarding practice at home – in backyard cages, at private facilities, or at public schools, with his dad, his friends, his teammates, or all alone. Kenny dedicated thousands of hours to practicing or playing baseball. He always supports his team and tries his best.

Kenny’s favorite scripture is the book of Numbers. His advice to younger players is: When the bass are spawning in the shallows, flukes work very well.

His teammates say about Kenny: He’s a hard worker who even after coming off an injury still wanted to compete and play high school baseball. Also, they love his enthusiasm for the game and that he is always asking questions and trying to get better!

Way to go, Kenny!