2019 GICAA Honors

Four Barons players were named to the 2019 GICAA Division II-AA All-State Team. These players showed exemplary performance throughout the season.

Seniors Joe Dreslinksi and David Walker from the Varsity team. Both seniors had impressive seasons, showed leadership on the field, and are now playing in college.

From the JV team, sophomore Graham Adams finished the season with an ERA of 1.392 with 55.1 innings pitched. Adams was one of only two sophomores on the 2019 GICAA DII-AA All-State roster.

Also from the JV team, freshman Andrew Shadburn was the only freshman in the state to make any division’s All-State roster. Shadburn caught 98.2 innings during the season and led the JV team in batting average hitting .542

Congrats, gentlemen.

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